To follow soon, the hypocrisy of the Christian…

Full and frank account of one so called christian’s, respect for hisĀ god.
This account follows one man’s battle with many challenges, but still he quotes the bible and judges others before he judges his own unusual behaviour. Married Women, drink, swearing and worst of all judging people…….. Yet still he believes he is off to heaven…….

Pen and Tellar explain their position

If you’re Openly Secular, you can help get our message out and truly make a difference in our fight to end discrimination against secular people by telling your story and encouraging others to do the same. Let the secular people in your life know about the many ways they can get involved.


Secular people don’t judge, we don’t have any religious big stick to beat us with. No threats from our teachers of hell and fire. We just believe there is no god and if there was let him come forth and show himself. The Bible is not God’s word. It never was. It was mans interpritation of the events at the time

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